Turn a Tire Into a Coffee Table and Other Upcycling Ideas for Your Home

July 25th, 2016 By Kathleen Mueller in Blogs.

Turn a Tire Into a Coffee Table and Other Upcycling Ideas for Your Home

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It’s summertime and you want to make the most of your outdoor space, but if you don’t have the cash for a teak patio set, don’t despair. As it turns out, many old household items—in your own home or up for grabs for a pittance at garage sales—can be upcycled into cool new seats, tables, and other outdoor furniture with plenty of personality.

Check out the following clever ideas. Perhaps you’re already sitting on some items that could enjoy a new lease on life if you got a little creative.

Drinks, anyone?

Susan Boroch of Oh My Creative devised this vintage chair drink stand, which offers plenty of character to any backyard party. Rather than sticking one of those clumsy coolers in a corner, you can put your makeshift bar on display with pride.

Now you don’t need to bend all the way down to grab a cold one.

vintage chair drink stand upcycled outdoor furniture


Your ship has sailed

Add instant character to your garden with boat seating. The concept comes from William Lloyd, designer of award-winning structures that marry creativity with practicality. You don’t need to be a sailor to appreciate the beauty of this piece, which has the added bonus of keeping you dry if it rains just like it would if it were perched in the water.

Once a boat retires from the high seas, turn it into seating and shelter.William
boat seating upcycled furniture


Elevate your nap

Putting the traditional hammock to shame, this pallet daybed swing from begs you to indulge in summertime relaxation. Grab a novel, and enjoy a few hours of blissful downtime beneath your favorite oak tree.

Talk about the lazy days of summer.The Merry Thought
pallet day bed swing upcycled furniture

———Hanging gardenPutting a new spin on the hanging planter, this upcycled chandelier from provides a pretty and practical focal point. If you don’t have the backyard space to grow the flower garden of your dreams, here’s your chance to pot those posies and add a pop of color, no additional square footage required.

Alternating flowers and candles would also look pretty great.The Summery Umbrella
upcycled chandelier


Out of the bedroom, into the yard

Believe it or not, this colorful bench was once a plain old headboard. Jill Wilson of Jill’s Abode, which is both a blog and retail shop, lovingly restored and painted this treasured piece (and plenty of others), transforming it into a new aesthetically pleasing creation.

There’s no need to kick that old headboard to the curb.Jill’s Abode
bench upcycled outdoor furniture


Swing time

Meanwhile, Jasmin Marisett of Gypsy Barn upcycled a bed into a porch swing—a quaint classic that guests are bound to covet. Sip iced tea, and savor a touch of vintage elegance.

Be honest, you’d never get anything done with this little gem on your porch.Gypsy Barn
upcycled porch swing


Off-road entertaining

Morgaine Ford-Workman of Mad Cap Frenzy gave her old tires a colorful face-lift. Fortunately, she’d saved a slab of glass from a retired indoor piece and put the two together to create this bright outdoor coffee table. It’s nice to know you don’t have to worry about this standing up to the elements.

Put a new spin on the old retread concept.Morgaine Ford-Workman
tire coffee table upcycled furniture

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